May 16, 2024

Unveiling Action – New Telugu Movies Streaming Online

By Rose

In the riveting world of Telugu films, where we witness action and thrill, streaming apps have made it possible to watch lots of exciting new movies online. These movies are known for their strike scenes and inmovable stories you can enjoy on your couch. Let’s explore together the action new Telugu movies ready for online viewing.

1. Atharintiki Daaredhi

Goutham Nanda is a rich man’s grandson named Raghuram Nanda, who lives in Milan. His grandpa, Raghuram, has lots of money but isn’t happy because he wants to make up with his daughter Sunanda, whom he’s not spoken to for a long time.

Goutham goes to India to persuade his aunt Sunanda to forgive her dad. Sunanda is tough but kind, and Goutham tries hard to win her over. He even becomes her driver to get close to her.

Sunanda has two daughters, Sashi and Prameela. Goutham has to figure out what to do, and who he ends up with is part of the story. Can he win Sunanda’s love? That’s what this movie, ‘Atharintiki Daaredhi’, is all about. This movie is available to watch on the aha.

2. Polimera 2

After the big hit of Ma Oori Polimera on the internet, the director is back with Ma Oori Polimera 2, now on the aha app. People are excited about it.

In the movie, Jangaiah is searching for his lost brother, Komuraiah. Meanwhile, a new police officer named Ravindra Naik comes to Jasthipalli to solve mysterious deaths in the village.

Also, some archaeologists want to explore an old temple in the village. Where is Komuraiah? What secrets does the temple hide? Did Jangaiah find his brother? Is there a link between Komuraiah and the temple? You’ll find out all the answers when you watch the movie.

Telugu Movie Maa Oori Polimera 2 OTT Release Date Is Almost Here

3. Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana

The narrative takes place at the border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. There is somebody who is killing the women and it is leaving their bodies in the forest. This person also takes their head. Surprisingly, no one reports these women missing. This makes it hard for the police to solve the case.

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana, a local detective, tries hard to find clues but can’t. He has a personal connection to these killings. What is it? Who is the killer? Why is he taking the heads? These questions are central to the movie’s plot. You can watch this movie on the aha app.

4. Mix Up

Abhay and Nikki are married, but they have a lot of problems. Abhay can’t make Nikki happy in bed, so they fight a lot. Then there’s another couple, Saaho and Mythili. Mythili thinks being married is more about being close and understanding each other than just having sex. A psychologist suggests they all go on a trip to Goa together. What happens next? Do they fix their problems? That’s what the story is all about.

Wrapping up 

Online streaming platforms have changed how people watch Telugu action movies a lot. It’s now super easy to watch them whenever you want, and so many options exist! As more and more people start using streaming, you can expect to find even more exciting movies to watch. So, get ready to have a blast watching action new Telugu movies whenever you like!