delinquent tax return lawyer
June 21, 2022

The Delinquent Tax Return: Who Can Help You?

By Rose

A delinquent tax is a tax owed to the IRS that is unpaid. The tax is considered delinquent once missing of filing and payment deadline. To ignore delinquent tax has severe consequences.

What do delinquent taxes return mean?

It is when a person meets the threshold to file a tax return but fails to do it is considered delinquent. Delinquent tax returns turned into a major IRS tax and fines headache for the taxpayer, which can be assisted by a delinquent tax return lawyer.

How do delinquent tax return lawyers help you?

For the first meeting, the attorney gathers facts and info about the case. The lawyer performs all these:

  • evaluates all aspects of the tax problems with you
  • identify options
  • explain what you expect

Some simple matters are solved with a simple phone call to the IRS. But, complex tax matters take more time. If the tax issues require a delinquent tax lawyer to represent you and advocate on your behalf, the lawyer has an ethical duty to protect your financial concerns and legal rights and makes sure the most favorable result for the situation.

The tax filing and payments

When you haven’t filed past taxes or have not made tax payments, the IRS raises a notice of intent to impose or collect the tax debt to you. When you contact tac attorney, the lawyer helps you:

●       lift any liens

●       negotiate a reduced tax assessment

  • arrange a payment plan

The federal income tax audit

Yes, a notice from an IRS tax audit can trigger anxiety, though you have done nothing wrong. IRS audits are flagged by the computer app that identifies irregular activity. It means there was unreported income or no tax fraud. A tax lawyer represents you during the tax audit in dealing directly with the IRS to focus on some other things.

The tax evasion and tax fraud

Tax evasion and tax fraud can be criminal offenses. Other tax problems are:

  • late filing
  • late payments

These may result in interest and penalties. Criminal tax problems result in jail or possible fines. Some allegations of tax fraud are nothing more than doing a mistake on the tax return.

A tax lawyer represents you in the court proceedings to fight the charges and negotiate a deal in helping you to avoid jail time. You should not ignore this problem since there are a lot of people and even businesses stopped making a profit due to tax issues.