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August 8, 2022

Know How to Determine Ring Size Secretly

By Rose

Choosing the ideal engagement ring is hard enough. It might seem tough to figure out your partner’s ring size in secret. The good news is that we are making it simpler by giving ring size tips and techniques, how to measure ring size at home, and the typical ring size so you can ensure the nhẫn nữ fits when you are ready to propose.

How to Determine Ring Size Using Paper

This is perhaps the most apparent, yet often neglected, method for determining your partner’s ring size. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and an existing ring. A ring she normally wears on her right ring finger would be the best option. A skilled jeweller should be able to determine ring size based on these dimensions.

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Using Soap to Determine Ring Size

Making your own 3D impression is an efficient way of assisting your jeweller in determining the ideal size for an engagement ring. You will need your partner’s nhẫn nữ and a bar of soap. Push the ring firmly into the bar of soap. Just remember to clean the ring afterward to get rid of any soap residue. We don’t want to raise any red/soapy flags.

How to Measure a Ring for “Someone Else”

If you can pull this off without breaking a sweat, you can ace the surprise aspect of your pitch while also getting your facts straight from the source. Tell them you are unsure how to pick this person’s ring size and that it would be helpful if they tell you for reference. To pull this off, keep the discussion light and your tale plausible.